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Can You Figure out How to Tie a Tie?

No, I am not referring to a necktie, but I am glad that I have your attention.  According to most dictionary definitions, a tie is defined as “being equal in contest; having the same score.”  Prior to the 2005-2006 NHL Season, a tie was determined if two teams remained scoreless after the completion of the overtime period.  In this case, both teams would earn a point for the tie.   However, it is not that simple when figuring out today’s hockey tie.  The new scenarios are listed below:

1.        Penguins 3 Flyers 2 (OT)

In the first example above, the Flyers actually lost the game, but would earn one point since they made it to overtime period.  Since they earn a point, their record will record this as a tie, not a loss.

2.        Penguins 2 Flyers 1 (SO)

In the second example above, the Penguins and the Flyers were tied 1-1 after the overtime period ended.  While many scenarios could occur next, the Penguins scored more goals than the Flyers did.  This gives the Penguins one goal for a final score of 2-1.  In the case where each teams goes 0-3 in the shootout, then “sudden death” occurs.

I hope this article answers questions on the confusion of a tie.   Basically, if you can get to the overtime period, and you lose the match, then a tie is recorded.  Still confused?  My brain is all "knotted up" too.  LOL!



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