Buffalo Sabres 08-09 Year Video

Buffalo Sabres 2008-2009 video Music is Property of Breaking Benjamin NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED : Breaking Benjamin - Cold Video is Property of the NHL and the Buffalo Sabres. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

25 Responses to “Buffalo Sabres 08-09 Year Video”

  1. stackzbaby716 says:

    ok what ur point

  2. DX231 says:

    @stackzbaby716 Vanek > Kovolchauk

  3. SHADOWFREAK55 says:


  4. stackzbaby716 says:

    they should of traded vanek for kovolchauk when he left atlanta

  5. xJonny2134x says:

    this video is fuckin sick

  6. SabreGirl716 says:

    love the sabres… and i really hope this is our year!!! =]

  7. SABRESMAN29 says:

    The buffalo sabres are a part of me and no 1 can take that away…… This is the year

  8. iwantanipodgiftcard says:

    god i love living in buffalo cuz of this team

  9. stackzbaby716 says:

    conooly im tellin people he just needs like 7 more goals

  10. James34721 says:

    Yeah Pommers shoots wide a lot. He is the kind of guy who is either really good or terrible.

  11. joem1013 says:

    man i can’t stop watching that vid

  12. davers5866 says:

    Sabres are stanley cup bound this year no doubt

  13. journey4ever says:

    LETS GO SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. stackzbaby716 says:

    the sabres just need a consists goal scorer i mean vanek is the best he aint doing shit this year and pominville act like he aint shit honestly

  15. devilslaxman says:

    3:36 Steve Montador getting punched lol hes on the sabres now

  16. killer14221 says:

    The buffalo sabres have the best fans in the NHL hands down

  17. joem1013 says:

    whats that songs name

  18. devilslaxman says:

    i honestly think this 09-10 team reminds me of the 05-06 team when we shoulda won the cup.

  19. kirbyrox102 says:

    Let’s go Buffalo!!

  20. choboy78 says:

    Great job dude. you did great. LET’S GO BUFFALO!

  21. glenjmatthews says:

    Great video, but yeah, I’m trying really hard to forget about this season. Let’s go Buffalo!

  22. killkenny230 says:

    great video, GO SABRES

  23. silentassasin14606 says:

    HELL YEA!!!! Go Sabres!!

  24. RochachaBuffalo says:

    Awesome video! Great music selection, and of course great footage of our Sabres. Love it!! Lets Go Buffalo!

  25. SABRESFANATiiiK29 says:

    i will give you credit, where credit’s do! great video man i added to it to my favorites. awesome quality! and if you can make me a pominville montage like this i will suscribe and everything! LETZ GO BUFFALO!

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