Buffalo, Ottawa, Game 7 highlights, 1996, OT

Buffalo Sabres vs Ottawa Senators, Game 7 Derek Plante in OT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses to “Buffalo, Ottawa, Game 7 highlights, 1996, OT”

  1. Texfan57 says:

    This was 97′ Mr. Creator…lol we didn’t make the cut in 1996…so u may wantto chage that…ne way LETZ GO BUFFALO!

  2. wontonnoodle23 says:

    The only Game 7 franchise win in history. To put it into perspective, Cam Ward of Carolina has four Game 7 wins in just two playoff years.

    Also, this happened in 1997

  3. DraftSharksFantasy says:

    Wow, were those the days!

  4. Frozintoe says:

    Wrong time for you glove to break on you eh ronnie?

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