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Blue NHL Hockey Jerseys always big in Demand


In this time when every boy wants to be the next Alexander Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby it stands to reason that Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys are flying off the shelves. However, even though the demand for current NHL sweaters is high, the market for vintage hockey jerseys is just as hot. Whether it is an oldtimer who likes to remember the glory days of the NHL, or a youngster who wants to wear something a little different than his friends hockey sweaters from defunct NHL teams are surprisingly popular.

One team like the Hartford Whalers, who truth be told, was one of the doormats of the league during its relatively brief NHL tenure, probably never sold much of its merchandise outside of its own city while the team was actually still in the league. However, more than a decade after the franchise moved to Carolina to become the Hurricanes, Whalers gear is now hotter than ever. The same can be said of franchises like the Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, Colorado Rockies and Atlanta Flames.

However, it is not only defunct NHL clubs whose throwback jerseys are in high demand. Legendary teams like the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins are also seeing demand rising for their old school jerseys that were worn as long as a century ago. In fact, demand has been so strong that the Canadiens actually wore some of their classic jerseys during regular season play last year, and sales saw a spike following each of the games which featured those sweaters.

The Vancouver Canucks, who joined the NHL during its second expansion prior to the 1969-3-21 season have gone so far as to re-adopt their original look, and came out with a new jersey that features the color scheme of their old hockey stick sweater. Other teams like the Buffalo Sabres have adopted the retro look for their third jerseys, and again have enjoyed a healthy sales boost from new fans who like the old look better.

Are you looking for vintage hockey jerseys? Check us out at the Hockey Jerseys Superstore where you can find gear from all the defunct NHL teams, including Hartford Whalers jerseys.

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