“Best Of” KayvonTV: Pt.2 ft Sidney Crosby of NHL’s Pittsburgh Penquins and KK Downing, Judas Priest

kayvontv.com KayvonTV is a Television series that features the real life adventures of Kayvon Zahedi, produced and directed by John Bortolotti. The show has been described as "One of those shows where you are flipping the channels and you come across it and your reaction is "what the f*ck is this" but for some reason you cant bring yourself to change the channel, You can't describe Kayvon, he is a walking reality show," KayvonTV currently airs weekly on Canadian Television and hopefully one day soon on American Television. Contact Info: KayvonTV@gmail.com Official Website: kayvontv.com Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org [TAGS] [TAGS]

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