Best of Inside Penguins Hockey

Best clips from inside penguins hockey put together on last show of the season

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  1. emilyy00 says:

    sid was asked how staal is as a reporter, then staal asks sid how the Gronk played in the game

    The Gronk is Staal’s nickname

  2. mntr8 says:

    what do Sidney and Jordan say at 1:35??

  3. crosbyandgenoluvers says:

    lol that is so funny!

  4. malkinlover71 says:

    hahahah whitney’s like say hii to the camera.
    hahah lovein geno’s face to! hahah

  5. BeforexthexDawn says:

    love geno’s face at 0:54 :)

  6. ciazio says:

    don’t be a hater

  7. ciazio says:

    no one told you to watch it

  8. swoo66 says:

    This sounds sweet on my AC Delco 6×9 speakers! Anyone want to borrow any 8 tracks?

  9. ciazio says:

    i have no idea if my dvr will hook up to my computer. and i dont have a laptop. i have seen it done but for now i have to keep putting these lame videos on here!! ty robbie

  10. robbieX97 says:

    This is only if you really care about it ciazio… If not don’t sweat it.

    You need either a DVD recorder or a DVR that lets you hook up your computer to it (it’s not very easy to do). Google it, I guess.

  11. ciazio says:

    tell me how to do that and i will.
    i’m so confused!

  12. robbieX97 says:

    LOL… What I meant is, send the video from your DVR to your computer instead of recording it with a camera.

  13. taydal280 says:

    excuse me.
    i have a dvr. wtf?

  14. robbieX97 says:

    Thanks for the effort… But buy a DVR. :)

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