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Amazing save

Penguin's Caron makes an unbelievable save against the Philadelphia Flyers. You have to watch all the angles to believe it!

25 Responses to “Amazing save”

  1. Demonlord975 says:

    look at crosby’s face mate

  2. Biffoo88 says:


  3. TJxxCHA13 says:

    crosby: HOLY FUCK!

  4. SKaieR says:

    siccccccccccck save !!!

  5. punk1188 says:


  6. sukisv says:

    very nice!

  7. Canadakid19 says:

    That’s the most amazing save I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching alot of hockey.

  8. Nwildchild says:

    amen to that, what the fuck are they booing for, they should be standing in appreciation for the honor of being in attendance for that save. Kind of disrespectful, considering hes a backup goalie at best and he made a sicker save than any goalie god could dream of

  9. JrATendy36 says:

    ahah Brian Savage, have a seat

  10. MYJUSTICEWORLD35 says:

    that was a siiick save

  11. x124357689 says:

    wut a save

  12. hockeyqueen says:

    lol love crosby’s reaction! caron got lucky a bit but still a sweet save!

  13. Kipindahouse says:


  14. iluvCrosbyGoPens87 says:

    i dont agree about the goo wings thing but the rest is Greatt =D Lets gooo Pens

  15. jespo26 says:

    philly fans are so stupid

  16. bimmen95 says:

    crosby look like a 7 year old kid who just have seen Getzky!

  17. thesnipaz1 says:

    That’s not luck, that’s skillz!

  18. palxhockey1155 says:

    haha i was thinking the same thing. LMFAO

  19. ihatethecityofblah says:

    now if only caron could do that every game

  20. ESSALLA7 says:

    Good Luck

  21. w0rstn1ghtm4r3 says:

    at the 1:12 he says NO. funny lmao and then it sounds like “i dont believe in dicks”

  22. w0rstn1ghtm4r3 says:

    no i mean hes always a whiner

  23. youfaillife says:

    Nice face Crosby

  24. bertrison says:

    thats one of the best saves ive ever seen

    pittsburgs pretty good. but

    GO WINGS!!

  25. Aerospacer77 says:

    That is really one of the best saves made in the whole sport of hockey! Wow!

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