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Amazing Highlights: Penguins Capitals: Game 7 2009 Playoffs

Hockey....Game 7. This series has been great but it had to end tonight. I expected a close game with many lead changes and probably some heart pounding action in the 3rd like the other games. I thought I may even have to leave the room if it got to be too much. However...IT WASN 39 T EVEN CLOSE GOOO PENS I enjoyed this one much more than the 6 0 win against the Flyers last year. Amazing game. Oh and did Mario sit at ALL during this series Every time they showed him up in his box throughout this series he was standing and staring VERY intently at the game. It was unreal.Remember the Varlamov save in game 1 How people said it was the save of the series I disagree. The save of the series was in this game. It was Fleury and it was on Ovechkin here in the first on the breakaway. If that goes in this is a different game. Maybe a different result. And Varlamov I didn 39 t think he was the real deal before this series. He proved me and a lot of people wrong. The kid played great thoughout this series but in the end the Pens were too much. The dam broke. He stood on his head for 6 games. He carried the team on his back as long as he could. The Caps fans stayed to the bitter end and cheered their team for the last 2 minutes. Very nice to see from them.That is all. LET 39 S GO PENS LET 39 S GO PENS

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