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Alexander Ovechkin Hat Trick vs. Pittsburgh Penguins HD – February 7th 2010

After receiving a borderline dirty head by Craig Adams, Alexander Ovechkin turned it on.

25 Responses to “Alexander Ovechkin Hat Trick vs. Pittsburgh Penguins HD – February 7th 2010”

  1. Tanktation says:

    awesome crowd !!!!

  2. epsiona05 says:

    cant wait to get back to the verizon center

  3. mattgotowned says:

    being friends of the poti family, its really cool to see tom assist someone like ovechkin :P

  4. nickelbackdude4 says:

    @ConnorGuercio im a flyers fan. but there called SHITSBURGH

  5. GhostWalker40 says:

    @ConnorGuercio You’re right, they rule at choking in the playoffs. Ah you craps fans are to easy

  6. ConnorGuercio says:


  7. theu2689 says:

    so blessed to be able to watch him 82 times + playoffs…time to bring the cup home Alex

  8. l1nc0ln says:

    @GhostWalker40 Nice Troll….

  9. l1nc0ln says:

    @GhostWalker40 Nice troll….

  10. GhostWalker40 says:

    @Davephatbuds How did that work our for you? Man you craps fans are so delusional

  11. mvendelis says:

    Alexander the Great

  12. rockndude87 says:

    @serious789 I’m a diehard Caps fan, but I’m not sure how well they’ll do b/c their penalty kill sucks, and their goaltending is not always consistent, but getting better. Detroit is NOT a team to be messed with 6th place or 1st. They cycle the puck better than any team in the league. I like the Blackhawks and their chances too, but the Sharks can’t seem to do well in the playoffs. But we’ll see this postseason. My two favorite teams, Buffalo and Washington, are in so I am VERY HAPPY!

  13. 91splash says:

    Pierre is FUckeddddd

  14. OLEGfmRUS says:


  15. gnomjara says:

    Потолок зарплаты не позволит)

  16. serious789 says:

    Pittsburgh is probley the only team i don’t like in the NHL, i like the Ducks even more than pens. I rlly hope my wings make the playoffs just to make it an intersting playoffs but the caps and the Blackhawks or even the Sharks r gonna play them in the finals. Caps will win the series 4-1

  17. Davephatbuds says:

    @serious789: The Caps are definitely going to the Stanley Cup Finals this year. Being a Caps fan from northern Va, Im glad we have a team that’s doing great this year. 14 in a row!! If we can make it to 17 in a row, being ironic, that record is held by Pittsburgh….

  18. Davephatbuds says:

    @gittys1982 – It’s Stanley Cup

  19. andreyospitia says:

    russia rules !!

  20. Yurynag says:

    мне кажется мешать друг другу будут,лучше Малкина или Дацюка.Да и Бекстрём сейчас очень хорошо смотрится с Ови)

  21. RavilMusakof says:

    вот бы Ковальчука в пару к Сане и Семе,ммм..пиздец всему бы был бы)

  22. gittys1982 says:

    I see that on NBC online. That was amazing Pengs Vs Caps like an last year on semi Stenley cup. But Caps was beated 4:3 , so not tooday.!!

  23. tubebipbip says:

    Was at the Arena, That was AMAZING!!! OVI MVP..
    Want more!

  24. muskadimakof says:

    красавец вообще)

  25. scorpens88 says:

    Игра блеск !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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