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Alex Ovechkin Hatrick Vs Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 NHL Playoffs HQ

The amazing Alex Ovechkin gets a Hatrick against Sidney Crosby And The Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs. It turned out to be the game winner and now Washinton leads the series 2-0.

25 Responses to “Alex Ovechkin Hatrick Vs Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 NHL Playoffs HQ”

  1. ADBFCH says:

    screw crosby, hes way overrated, ovie 4 life

  2. lojosol says:

    omg its called a Hat Trick. Hatrick is a last name, Hat Trick is when a player scores 3 goals in a game

  3. riffnshred says:

    Look at Cindy… Complaining to refs since the attention isn’t on her. She coasts around by the net hoping to chip in pucks for cheap goals. You’ll never see Cindy digging pucks out of the corners since she fears that her hair and make-up will get messed up. Cindy is nothing more than Bettman’s roaming cum dumpster. Ovechkin is a sniper and a great player. Cindy is nothing but an overrated prima donna. However these players fail to compare to the greatest player in history… PAVEL DATSYUK!

  4. bl00dr3dxxx says:

    Fuck Crosby fucking little butch complaining to the refs. He’s saying to the refs “I’ll never suck your guys’s dicks again if you don’t make us win”.

  5. max432156 says:

    @mrjoe361 his name is backstrom

  6. jcjr2222 says:

    Like Semin is not as good as Malkin?

  7. jedfriedman says:

    @mrjoe361 Funny how things have changed in the last year. Backstrom is one of the best centers in the league now. Green is gonna be a stud on defense again.. If we don’t put it together something soon we never will…

  8. Fanternal21 says:

    Washington has a song for how much they hate crosby. They sing it at the end haha it’s great haha

  9. mrjoe361 says:

    @Mertdizzle15 i believe ovie’s point difference was about 20 goals higher than crosby’s, but who’s counting. ovie may have better offensive talent, but crosby has the better coach and defense. he also has a superstar who can score without dominating the puck in malkin. who can do it other than ovie?

  10. Mertdizzle15 says:

    @mrjoe361 Man, Ovie has nothing BUT talent to play with… Crosby does have Malkin and Staal but they all play on different lines most of the time and Malkin even had a poor showing last season, hence Crosby being the player with the biggest point difference on his team. Ovie is probably the most dominant player in the world, but he is also on the best line in the world with Backstrom and Semin.

  11. martylocal87 says:

    also, the superstars he has on his team, aside from Backstrom, do not do anything in the playoffs. Semin, Green, and Fleischmann all make the team worse in the playoffs.

  12. molsondoodle says:

    I caps and pitburg will be come rivals because of ovie and crosby

  13. 9goalkeeper says:

    nd there was crosby complaining….yet again

  14. LETSGOCANES06 says:

    @Mrakstunna hahahahaha I hate crosby. That was the bitchiest thing to say. Wow. I couldn’t believe when he did that. But, as a die hard Canes fan, I hate the Craps too GO HABS!

  15. Mrakstunna says:

    or you go and ask the referee to make an “ANNOUNCEMENT” for fans to stop throwing hats
    crosby SUCKS
    he proved it today lolll

  16. steelcitydawg1 says:

    @pandala420 haha loooooooooool. crosby destroyed all traces of crapitals in that game. including stealing the puck of ovechkinass and putting it in their net.

    i bet he could fuck ovechkin wife and ovie could not doing

  17. pandala420 says:

    @bdevil8823 he dealt with it. he led t he pens to win 4 of the following 5 games to eliminate the caps in 7. how do you stop fans from throwing hats on the ice? you eliminate their team 6-2 in game 7 on their home turf.

  18. 20JamesKing says:

    I would love to be part of this crowd these games are always priceless. The caps will be better during the playoffs and beat the pens!

  19. goblew14 says:

    Haha no shit im a Red Wings fan and pittsburgh gets away with shit just because bettman wants to market this faggot crosby and u notice suttle little things that help them win series

  20. 69GuitarFreak69 says:

    he wasnt asking the ref to tell the fans to stop throwing hats…he was saying, ok i’ll give you an extra 50 000$ just let us win this series, you havent called enough penalties on them.

  21. 69GuitarFreak69 says:

    man, i still cant believe they lost to pittsburgh..

  22. goblew14 says:

    crosby is such a faggot for asking the ref to tell the fans to stop throwing hats thats when u know he is a disgrace to the game of hockey its part of the game faggot… diving and whining isnt so go play soccer

  23. goblew14 says:

    penguins are a bunch of cunts

  24. weretyslimen66 says:

    Go Penguins GO

  25. pierrepup says:

    2:35 malkin has a little moustache

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