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A Night on the Town in New Jersey

Ladies – trying to impress your man? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for him for the holidays? Well, here’s one gift he won’t soon forget.

Take him to a sports event in a limo. Whether he likes football, basketball or hockey – arriving to his favorite sporting event in style and luxury will definitely leave a lasting impression with him (not to mention, an impression on everyone who sees him get out of the limo).

So if you’re a northerner and live in the New Jersey area, why not take your man on a leisurely ride through Newark while sipping champagne, or, if he prefers something a little more “manly,” you can sip or guzzle down some beer.

Or, instead of you joining him in the manly fun, you can buy him the rental limo and the hot club seat he’s been dreaming of, and he can share the night of fun with his other hockey-loving friends.

Having a night with the guys in a limo and watching the New Jersey Devils from club seats will be the ultimate gift. But if you do decide to join him and his guys then you really should think about doing some research. If the Devils are his favorite team, you might want to brush up on the Devils history before you go off and join him in the fun. Study up on your Devils’ history so you can really impress him.

The New Jersey Devils Hockey Club started out as the Kansas Scouts in 1974. It then moved to Denver and stayed there for two years and finally settled in New Jersey 1982. Their first game as the New Jersey Devils was played against the Pittsburgh Penguins with a score of 3-3. Yet, the first game that they won was played against the New York Rangers with the final score being 3-2.

The team’s mascot, the Devil, was actually voted on in a contest that was held between local newspapers. The team’s original mascot was “Slapshot,” a hockey puck. But in 1993 the mascot was changed because of a scandal that Slapshot had been involved in.

The Devils’ biggest rivals are the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers. Their rivalry with the Rangers stems mostly from their physical closeness to one another. On the hand, the rivalry they have with the Flyers is because since 1995either the Flyers or the Devils have won the Atlantic Division title every year. There is a very tight and tense relationship between these two teams.

Some of the best players that have helped the Devils to be the best are Patrik Elias, John Madden, Brian Gionta, Travis Zajac, and Zach Parise, They have been the Stanley Cups champions for the ’94-’95, ’99-’00, and the ’02-’03 seasons.

So go work up a little knowledge of the Devils, rent a nice limousine, and book some club seat tickets for your special man. He’ll be the happiest man when he discovers what you have done for him.

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