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A Great Day For Hockey- Pittsburgh Penguins

A Great Day For Hockey- Pittsburgh Penguins High Quality

25 Responses to “A Great Day For Hockey- Pittsburgh Penguins”

  1. kingbigb2 says:

    penguins>flyers HA

  2. MyFootsCold says:

    When it shows the pens flag in the snow it almost makes me cry… I am so ready for this off-season to be over!!!

  3. FleuryRockz29 says:

    If i was biron, and i saw malkin wind up like that i would say “Hell no” and jump out of the way….

    oh and i was at that game……wat a game

  4. AndyHurleysChicklet7 says:

    best fans, best team, best city..nothing gets better than Pittsburgh!! :)

  5. RichYan33 says:

    @FLGolfPro87 As another Pens fan I hope we get the Wings again this year. It makes for great hockey!

  6. RC62Scorch says:

    good song Great job Pens

  7. PensFan8725 says:

    completely agree. wings fan for the most part are decent people and that series was unbelievable. i love fans that truly love the game of hockey and respect EVERYONE that is a talented player, even if he isn’t on your team. people like flyers and caps fans need to go fuck themselves cause they are just kidding themselves if they ever say crosby sucks. very classy move also by wings fan for sticking around and cheering mario and sid.

  8. xboxplaya420 says:

    hossa got what he deserved

  9. hockey101ify says:

    ducks will crash pittsbuger

  10. sleimannn says:

    hossa is a bitch. i now know how you pens fans felt when he left. Karma will catch up with him, because Hossa looks out for Hossa, not the team. We can all boo him together now and tell him what a stupid ass he his for leaving two great teams to go play in chicago, who overpays on injury-prone,4th line centers (tomas kopecky).

  11. seismicrob2956 says:

    your wing praisin is good but remember we cheered them last year when they won in our house. they booed us f the wings fans. EAT………IT………..HOSSA

  12. FLGolfPro87 says:

    Im a dieheart Pens Fan I just wanted to say to Detroit Fans you guys have an awesome hockey team you played one hell of a series you guys have nothing to hang your heads about you left it all on the ice its too bad that the series had to end I loved every second of it. You guys will always be hockeytown but now Pittsburgh is the CITY OF CHAMPIONS!!!! once again Congrats on a great season hopefully we’ll see you again in the Stanley Cup Finals again next year. Thanks Again LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!

  13. dechm4af says:

    :48….best goal during the 2008 playoff run

  14. creed1341 says:

    Detroit beats down St. Louis every year. We own you!! You could never beat us in the playoffs! Congrats to Pittsburgh.

  15. Eblanks says:

    Thanks to the NHL Network for playing this clip over and over again for most of the season. I’m a Blues fan, and the only thing better than a Blues victory is seeing Detroit lose, especially in a game 7. I had such a great day on Friday, I didn’t think it could get any better… WOW! What a great day for hockey. Its A Wonderful World!

  16. meg88885 says:

    GREAT JOB PENS!!!!!!!!! im a flyers fan u guys proved my flyers wrong u guys diserved the cup big time im happy for u guys enjoy your cup see u next year cant wait!!!!!!

  17. Moonshiner14 says:

    Thanks for being a good sport, see you guys in the next finals.

  18. sleimannn says:

    congrats penguins fans. I am a Detroit fan and I have to say great series, even better than last year, even though I am upset with the result, this was a hard fought series, so enjoy it on behalf of us in detroit, because next year we will be coming back with a vengence w/o Hossa and w/ Gaborik.

  19. littlebling88 says:

    It is a great day for hockey! WOOOOOO!

  20. bobjones123100 says:

    come on pens if we dont win this game we lose THE CUP WIN IN make detroit think twice before comming to the burgh

  21. TheJpizzle87 says:

    pens rock and they are goin to the finals so what now?????

  22. alexglauer says:

    Tomorrow, when they face the Red Wings, it’ll be a Great Day for Losing. Ha!

  23. sidcrosby2787 says:

    ur an idiot lol

  24. Schaichopath says:

    So how did you find this video? Just searching for teams that you hate and you came across a good song? You should probably get something to do.

  25. devilspider13 says:

    So, what exactly was the point of saying “hate the FAGGOT pens”? Just because you don’t like the team doesn’t mean you have to make yourself look like an idiotic 12 year old.

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