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A Brief Introduction to the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team is one of the most popular hockey teams in the country, with a huge fan base and rock solid support. Philadelphia’s professional ice hockey team is a member of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). Founded in 1967 as a part of the NHL expansions, the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team has always been one of the best expansion teams throughout and also holds the record for being the first expansion team to win the Stanley cup.

However, the years before the Stanley cup win were not great to begin with. The team was a mediocre medley of physically outmatched players during the initial years, which led to the management hiring large and tough players, who managed to earn the title of the Broad Street Bullies in 1972-73, much before they earned any other significant title. However, all this changed when the team won two consecutive Stanley cups in both 74 and 75. But this was the team’s last Stanley cup win, for while the team has managed to reach the playoffs time and time again, the cup has eluded them since 1975. This does not however mean that the team is past its glory, and is today among the best teams in the NHL, with the second highest winning percentage in the League.

The Philadelphia flyers are always in competition with other Atlantic Division members-- the New York Islanders, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. Their favorite foes however would be the New Jersey Devils, who have been major competition in the Atlantic Division titles, and being the only other team apart from the flyers to take the title since 1995.

While the team has had a history of producing great players, Bobby Clark, three time winner of the Hart Memorial Trophy, has been one of the best players ever to play on the side. Eric Lindros and Dave Schultz “Hammer” also find their names somewhere on the top of the list of the most famous Flyers players.

The Philadelphia Flyers have been playing their home games in Broad Street at the Wachovia Center. You can also catch them in action here during season. Tickets to Flyers games are available as different packages ranging from single and season tickets to package and group tickets.

If you are planning to become a Philadelphia Flyers hockey team fan, then you should become the owner of a Flyers jersey soon. The orange, white and black jersey and its many avatars has become a part of hockey folklore, what with its being one of the most recognized NHL jerseys in the country. You can also easily stock up on a number of other merchandise with the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team logo of a flying puck with four Ps to show your support and allegiance to the team.

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