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2010 NHL Draft – #20 Pick Overall – Pittsburgh Penguins – Beau Bennett

Make Money Online: Free To Join 2010 NHL Draft - #20 Pick Overall - Pittsburgh Penguins - Beau Bennett (Penticton) - Right Wing Other Californian Hockey Players 1. Bobby Ryan 2. Jonathan Blum

15 Responses to “2010 NHL Draft – #20 Pick Overall – Pittsburgh Penguins – Beau Bennett”

  1. CheechChongHerb24 says:

    Ummm the Penguins drafted Simon Despres with the 30th overall pick in 2009 which was the last pick in the 1st round. I thought I caught that on draft day. Beau has committed 2 years to Denver so in 2012 he will most likely enter the club with WB/S so he’s still 3-4 years away.

  2. Ilovepussysomuch says:

    LOL LV seen. Lookin relaxed.

  3. MMluvz says:

    @MrCool63 right

  4. MrCool63 says:

    @MMluvz anything cuter? ummm…. a baboon’s ass?

  5. xskillerx323 says:

    California Hockey!

  6. oilcountry44 says:

    0:14.. looks like James forgot about Simon Despres last draft

  7. hwnboi says:

    YEAAA BEAAUUUU!!! congrats buddy… TIDAL WAVE days where it started haha

  8. holmesgirl69 says:

    Congrats Thats so awsome.. Im so glad i got to see him play for the penticton vees.

  9. MMluvz says:

    OMG is there anything cuter on this planet than smiling Sidney Crosby? I mean look at him @ 4:31 . And nothing wrong with Beau either ;)

  10. TheModernAge45 says:

    I love how how Duthie says we havent drafted a D man in the 1st rd since ’02. I guess Simon Despres isn’t a defensmen or something lol

  11. TraVir54 says:

    Check out the guy in the Rangers jersey 1:30.

  12. hemsky112395 says:

    I see L=V. Life if you agree!

  13. patkelly19 says:

    fuck yeah beau

  14. Misisipy says:

    Nice boy!
    and Sid is HOT:-D

  15. annefredou says:

    Amaziing ! U still in the martel’s heart Beau !

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