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2009 Stanley Cup Finals Game 2: Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: Zetterberg Malkin fight

Game 2 of the Finals. As the game is winding down, Zetterberg and Malkin set the tone for Game 3. Your #1 source for hockey news:

25 Responses to “2009 Stanley Cup Finals Game 2: Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: Zetterberg Malkin fight”

  1. MikosWpg says:


    Do what?

  2. RACErocker says:

    who has had the cup 5 times in the last 12 years? yea go fuck yourself you retarted peguins fan i consider you to be a social cripple for being a fan of a team with an endless amount of pussies

  3. Pensfan8726 says:

    @molonlave2010 Fuck SHITtroit!

  4. RuggedRalphabet says:

    that would be racist

  5. sidDkid87 says:

    That’s great . . . now how would you describe games 6 & 7?

  6. sidDkid87 says:

    I’ve seen ‘em fight (several times – look it up) and I’ve seen ‘em hoist The Cup . . . something great players like Ovie and Hossa have NEVER done . . . did I mention that he’s not paid to fight and that he’s still only 22? . . . The truth will set you free, Landon, the truth will set you free . . .

  7. landonxxwilson says:

    notice youve never seen crosby in a fight

  8. 856744 says:

    Malkin is such a pussy. He hits guys with his stick in a fight? Just drop your fucking gloves! I hope Ovie runs this little fag over next season!

  9. X87xCrosbyx87X says:

    OK to solve this argument who has the cup??

  10. datdude12345678910 says:

    Fuck you and your penguins

  11. imnub says:

    Malkin also used his stick to hit Z a few times in the beginning. Malkin’s a bigger pussy.

  12. molonlave2010 says:

    Fuck Detroit!
    Fuck the Dead Wings!

  13. mjbizzle87 says:

    “Malkin the pussy”

  14. aljanadcob says:

    Game 5 was a deja moment for the Penguins.They are very undisciplined.

  15. lakesofthewoods says:

    Milbury just said he (Z) got whipped. Must mean Malkin lost because Milbury never gets anything right.

  16. Pistonsfan1311 says:

    really. did you watch the same fight as everyone else. maybe you didnt notice but malkin and SATAN! come from no where and pretty much double team him for a sec the malkin goes to town next thing you know hank has his jersey off and now wats he supposed to do. your an idiot and he did take his gloves off just cause it was towards the end of the fight doesnt make him a pussy,

  17. mymomrocks87 says:

    lets go pens traitor hossa pens will win it all

  18. SteelersJN says:

    im from detroit and i’m a huge wings fan. but i’m also a pittsburgh steelers fan. ONLY the steelers though. not the pens.

    anyways, Panthertd: I don’t know what fight you’re watching, but Zetterberg was definitely NOT a pussy. Don’t be dumb, the second he got the chance to take off the gloves, he did. Malkin caught him off guard and Zetty barely had any time to defend himself, let alone take off the gloves. Malkin’s the pussy for that cheap shot, but its ok cause Zetty ended up on top anyways!

  19. JThaddeusToad says:

    if everybody in the world played jazz flute, nobody would be left to play bass.

  20. panthertd89 says:

    zetterberg is a pussy he doesn’t even drop his gloves…

  21. kewlnsimpguy says:

    im a devils fan who is upset but thats not it im saying in 2 years they are WAY Over the estimated cap which is just plain going to fuck them up

  22. scottfegely says:

    Is it me or does anyone think its just a bit odd that Crosby lives with Mario? Me thinks he had his pretty boy Jenny Jagr and now he has Crosby!!

  23. smashmaximus says:

    Hey Crosby, let the cat lick off that junior mustache of yours!!!! Wings are unstoppable, a true “DYNASTY” Same results as last year, easily shut down Cindy & Malkdud & another cup!!!! Our Grand Rapids team can whip the Pens ass!!!!!!!

  24. ralphieralph62 says:

    Excuse me Mr. kewlnsimpguy, how exactly are the wings going to be “fucked” in two years. Did you not see how much depth they had when they shut out Chicago with 6 of their starters missing? The wings have been and will be a great hockey team. Im sorry tht your pens are getting beaten, but the wings are just ahmazing.

  25. energizerbunny26 says:

    Actually, Detroit is secured to have a solid hockey team for the next five years. Leino, Helm, and Abdelkader all are shining now, they’ll be big names soon no doubt. For Lidstrom, his days are numbered, but Ericsson looks promising enough to almost fill Lidstrom’s shoes at an older age. Ken Holland has done a good job in investing in the best scouts in the NHL, Detroit will remain a dynasty for a while with all their facilities and resources.

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