2007-2008 Pittsburgh Penguin Season Preview

A preview of the 2007-2008 Penguin season.

6 Responses to “2007-2008 Pittsburgh Penguin Season Preview”

  1. StopTheMelting says:

    or maybe this year, the way things are going so far.

  2. PhantasMc86 says:

    OMG is the offseason over yet?

  3. dylancourtney says:

    Penguins have sensational young talent. A cup could be a few years away but will come when their younng players mature and get some NHL experience under their skates.
    Music goes good with the video , good job !

  4. ciazio says:

    i cant effin wait til the season starts!!

    ty for this!

  5. meignelson says:

    Nice showing John LeClair and Dominic Moore.

  6. napac1458 says:

    good pick with the song, good vid

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