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2003-2004 Pittsburgh Penguins highlights

Highlights from the Pens 2003-2004 season, put together by Fox Sports Pittsburgh, set to "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House

21 Responses to “2003-2004 Pittsburgh Penguins highlights”

  1. GuardianRebelDave12 says:

    i remember those days well and all we could think was hopefully it gets better and boy has it

  2. dtone90 says:

    i remember watching every game that year every win we got was special because we never won i miss rico and boliu and surovy

  3. PENS68 says:

    yes Fata was one of the Pens better players on that team

  4. kubko87 says:

    Wasn;t that they year Rico Fata was on the Pens?

  5. GuardianRebelDave12 says:

    i remember the pain that year very well i went to like 30 games that year cause of the student rush program it was tough to watch

  6. PENS68 says:

    you know what though it was all worth it, because they ended up drafting Malkin that year and infact they came on strong at the end of the season that year I think they went 12-5-2 after they had there 18 game winless streak

  7. goduquesne12 says:

    they couldnt even sell out if they gave tickets for free. but getting crosby changed all of it

  8. spyderf16 says:

    It was so much easier to get tickets back then… couldn’t sell out even with Student Rush.

  9. Nikhil10XY says:

    man they sucked that year

  10. morozov924 says:

    this was a fantastic year, despite being in last place. i had so much fun watching guys like fata and jackman and hussey (remember him?) and especially when “boogey” got his first goal in like, forever. And Morozov is still my favorite Penguin, despite the fact he’s no longer here.

  11. penshckyfreak71 says:

    that was the most painful season EVER!!! 16 game losing streak. yuck!

  12. GoPensGo377 says:

    he didnt “suck” We just werent experience enough that year, having an 18 year old and a 24 year old goalie, having really young players, all the players on that team could have a great future in hockey.

  13. GoPensGo377 says:

    hes playing in europe, if you noticed he was backup for Canada in the spangler cup and starter for canada for the past 2 years for the spangler.

  14. bucklesisfake says:

    Man, were we bad that year. But hey, we got Malkin and Crosby because we were so bad, so the end did justify the means. Kind of sad that a lot of the Pens “fans” know nothing of this year and what it was to go through it. Remember the joy in the place when we beat the Ducks at home for our first home win in like 3 months.

  15. grimetime55 says:

    morozov couldnt afford to sit out a year and signed a 2 year contract in the russian elite league and hasnt come back, although i think we still own his rights. koltsov, well, who gives a shit

  16. GuardianRebelDave12 says:

    That was a rpugh year but man how good have they become.. Whatever happend to Alexi Morozov and Konstinti Koltzov anyway

  17. jebus51881 says:

    Man we sucked that year

  18. caleb5512 says:

    how do u add to a myspace

  19. TomNYfun says:

    I think he’s selling insurance policies now. jk

  20. Letthebitchesrun says:

    hes in wheeling i think

  21. Chapas45 says:

    Too bad they were last in the league that year. What happened to Andy Chiodo, anyways?

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