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1994 Sergei Samsonov CSKA Russian Penguins Hockey Feature

1994 Sergei Samsonov CSKA Russian Penguins Feature

11 Responses to “1994 Sergei Samsonov CSKA Russian Penguins Hockey Feature”

  1. p1ippers says:

    these two WERE greatly exaggerated

  2. okpapereat says:

    @maksim82tallin Petrunin never played in the NHL, spend his entire carreer in russia. Last seen in 2006/2007 season with severstal cheropovets.

  3. 0014dman says:


  4. Rubba0Band0Man says:

    Samsonov played in Detroit with the Vipers of the IHL. Won a championship there, too.

  5. 5hockeyplayer says:

    when he was 13 years old, he played in germany, in iserlohn

  6. zakhuff says:

    32 points in 38 games….

  7. danicatim says:

    wtf is this guy? he seems gone, no points!

  8. DavidReject says:

    Drafted by the Hartford Whalers in the 3rd round in 1996, played a handful of games in the UHL and IHL. Currentely plays for Cherepovets Severstal in Russia

  9. Slitty12 says:

    That is actually close to the proper pronounciation of Samsonov, not the anglicized butchering of the name.

  10. maksim82tallin says:

    samsonov always dreamed to play in detroit. so now it is a great opportunity to leave montreal. he is still very good. by the way wgere is Petrunin now?

  11. toiletsrus says:

    lol @ the horrible pronunciation of samsonov

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