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1991 Stanley Cup Final Game 6 North Stars vs Penguins Goals

May 25, 1991

25 Responses to “1991 Stanley Cup Final Game 6 North Stars vs Penguins Goals”

  1. BalanceNY says:

    Mike Lang is the most entertaining announcer ever!!!

  2. TheFreeBeets says:

    1. Wow look at that Pittsburgh lineup! And I thought Washington was an offensively gifted team
    2. Man I now appreciate how good the tactics and competitiveness the NHL has per player, especially when it comes to goaltending and defense

  3. tanbobman5 says:

    @roblau004 its mike lange he calls on 105.9 in pittsburgh

  4. tna420wrestling says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shooots n scores :)

  5. madmehcrai says:

    @HBK344356 You don’t seem to know anything about NHL history if you think that…

  6. leafyutube says:

    9 hall of famers on that Penguins team.

  7. HALOGLITCHES43 says:

    and people think the capitals are better pshhh my ass

  8. GmanGregilla says:

    @StFidjnr Exactly. lol. Hardly at all.

  9. StFidjnr says:

    @GmanGregilla for the 1st two minuets

  10. jessc1979 says:

    2:47, what are they talking about? After it hit the skate, doesn’t the puck hit Errey’s stick before going in?

  11. nsakic says:

    The game announcers are annoying!

  12. GmanGregilla says:

    Close game…

  13. StaalRulz2010 says:

    @HBK34435Guess your spelling of the Toronto Maple Leafs is poor. Who has the most cups, next to Montreal? It just amazes me where some people get their logic… Dude, Boston sucks. Harry Sinden is the main reason and we all know that. Your arguments sound like a crackhead’s… Boston will dump everyone decent on their roster after this season and Tim Thomas is a flash in the pan, although I like the guy as a person, he has no style, hybrid nor butterfly.

  14. HBK344356 says:

    @StaalRulz2010 we are not talking about Sabers we are talking about the second greatest team in the history of the NHL the Boston Bruins (the first being Detroit) Well Don was right in calling Lemuix all those names because he is not a good Hockey Player…

  15. StaalRulz2010 says:

    @HBK344356 LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic whining, gotta love it! If ANY team should be whining it is the Sabres who got robbed with the foot in the crease rule. Face it, Con Cherry had what was coming to him by calling Lemieux every name in the book. He was always jealous of Lemieux because Ray Pork couldn’t stop him on his best day. Bruins were a 3-man team. Always have been, always will be. After this season when they lose again, they will get rid of half of their roster like always.

  16. HBK344356 says:

    @StaalRulz2010 AND THE UNCROWNED STANLEY VUP CHAMPIONS OF 1991 THE BOSTON BRUINS…..and it is because of that pice of shit low life ulf who should have got criminal charges against him and the penguins should have automaticly been disqualified from the Stanley cup playoffs….

  17. StaalRulz2010 says:

    @kobbio22 HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Wowwwwwwwwwwww. Unfuckingreal

  18. StaalRulz2010 says:

    @cibobary8766 AMEN!!!

  19. StaalRulz2010 says:

    @romans52345 Ray Pork couldn’t stop Mario on his BEST day LMFAO that’s why he had to get traded to the Avalanche and have Roy and Sakic win the fucking thing for him… Don Cherry sucks COCK that’s why Ulf ruined Kneely because Con Cherry doesn’t shut his cocksucking mouth about BASHING the PENS. That’s why Cooke finished Marc Savard off too. Con Cherry should shut his racist fucking mouth UP or Engelland will finish off CHARA next time!!! Bruins = EPIC FAILURE!!!

  20. Navdan87 says:


  21. phiberoptik69 says:

    I was 11 years old watching this in minnesota. twins just won the world series. that was my TEAM. they failed us though. i will always be a North Stars fan…..

  22. phiberoptik69 says:

    I was 11 years old watching this in minnesota. that was my TEAM. they failed us though. i will always be a North Stars fan…..

  23. TheSolKris says:

    She wants to sell my monkey…lmao!!!

  24. cgasucks says:

    I remember seeing that game live when I just entered my 20s….man I’m old…

  25. jlthrift says:

    Mike Lange still does Pen games on the radio. He did TV too until 2007.
    His partner here is Paul Stiegerwald, and he is now the TV announcer with Bob Errey.

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