♥Sidney Crosby had me @ hello♥

Another video I made for Mr. Sidney Crosby(: He's my fav hockey player and I wish him the best of luck this season!!!!!! *NOTE*I do not own this song, these clips, or these pics...no copyright intended song is "You Had Me At Hello"-A Day To Remember

3 Responses to “♥Sidney Crosby had me @ hello♥”

  1. catherineandelvis says:

    @tharockstar01 yes, that pic! I luuuuv it :D haha you’re welcome!!!

  2. tharockstar01 says:

    @catherineandelvis thank-youu(: lol the one of young sid and max? it’s one of my favs too

  3. catherineandelvis says:

    awesome job! i love it :) i wanna make a new sid vid soon but gotta find some pics/clips then need time lol i like the pic at 0:33 :)

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